Liberty House Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1972. We are a private, not-for profit psychiatric and vocational rehabilitation program. We believe that recovery for people whose lives have been disrupted by mental illness and/or developmental disabilities must involve the whole person in a vital community offering respect, hope, mutuality, and unlimited opportunities for working, learning and socializing.

Liberty House is modeled after Fountain House, in New York City which, since 1948 has been a pioneer in the international development of comprehensive, community-based programs of rehabilitation facilitating social and vocational adjustment. The success of this clubhouse model is clearly evidenced by over 275 replications of this program in this country and abroad.

Liberty House is proud to be a certified member of the International Center for Clubhouse Development. Today, Liberty House is recognized as a primary example of a fully-functioning clubhouse model program.

We believe that everyone has

  • The right to have a place to come
  • The right to have meaningful work
  • The right to have meaningful relationships
  • The right to have a place to return