Transportation: Liberty House provides daily transportation to and from day and social program.

Personal Shopping: Twice per week (Monday and Thursday afternoons), staff will take members to the local supermarkets to purchase the items needed for the daily lunch offered here at Liberty House. This is an excellent opportunity for an individual to learn budgeting skills, pricing skills, money management, inventory control skills and purchasing skills. The trip is also available to those individuals who need to pick up groceries of their own.

Laundry Facilities: Liberty House recognizes how difficult it can be to do laundry if you do not have a washer and dryer at your disposal. For a small fee a member can wash and dry a load of laundry. Weekly schedules can be arranged to assist in the smooth operation of the facilities.

Social/Recreational Activities: Liberty House recognizes the need for individuals to socialize. Liberty House provides afternoon, evening and weekend socials. The social activities vary greatly and all are welcome to attend.

Some of these activities include: bowling, miniature golf, picnics, shopping, museums and movies, just to name a few!

Tax Preparation: On an annual basis, we have individuals come in to assist our members in completing and filing
an annual tax return.