Utilizing the Clubhouse model of Rehabilitation, Liberty House is dedicated to assisting individuals with disabling conditions in increasing their functioning to the highest level possible with the least amount of on-going professional intervention. At Liberty House, we do not have patients or clients. We have membersWe are a club, operated together by mentally ill and/or developmentally disabled people and a highly qualified, caring staff.

Every day, members and staff work side by side to facilitate the operation of the clubhouse. The work they preform is real and useful. It is through this work that they begin the process of rehabilitation. They develop relationships, begin to trust, and enhance and refine skills they never knew they had. The inner turmoil they have faced begins to subside. Members don’t come to Liberty House to see doctors or get medication, but we make sure they are getting the treatment that they need.

At Liberty House we believe that every member can work, regardless of their lack of work history,past work history, number of hospitalizations, education, or experience. The employment opportunities at Liberty House have proven to be one of the most stabilizing and confidence building means of helping people regain their health. Liberty House works because here, through  their own work, members discover that they can contribute to the world and that they are needed. Most importantly, Liberty House works because it gives the member back their dignity.